Egible Members Of LAMAS shall Meet The Requirements Below:
  • Founding members who shall consist of all Town Clerks present during the formation of the Association.
  • Student members who shall consist of any person who is registered for a course at an acknowledged educational institution which is, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, suitable for a managerial or administrative career in local government, including any trainee who becomes such after completing such course.
  • Members who shall consist of all such persons who shall have been accepted as such in terms of 6.0. Refer to the constitution
  • Honorary members who shall consist of such persons upon whom the Executive Committee shall have conferred honorary membership to the Association for reasons of their having rendered exceptional service to the Association or their position in a local government or specific skills and qualifications they possess.

Application For Membership
  • An application by any person to become a Member of the Association shall be submitted in writing to the President who shall refer it to the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee shall consider all applications for Membership and shall only confer membership to a person if it is satisfied that such person is fit for admission, having regard to qualifications and requirements of the Association in terms of clause 5, and such Rules that the Executive Committee shall have made in this regard.
  • The decision of the Executive Committee to admit or not to admit an applicant to membership shall be final.

Download Membership Application Form Here

Send your application to the president of LAMAS:

Membership Fee and Subscription

A Member shall be obliged –

  1. within 30 (thirty) days of his admission, to pay the Membership fee which the Executive Committee may from time to time determine; and
  2. to pay annual subscription in such amount and at such time as the Executive Committee shall determine from time to time.

Termination Of Membership

The Executive Committee may, on a majority vote to two thirds of all the members of the Executive Committee, terminate the membership of a member who in the opinion of the Executive Committee:

  • no longer satisfies the requirements of Membership;
  • is guilty of breaching the code of Ethics;
  • fails to pay Membership fees or subscription after a period of 3 (three) months from the date of the end of a financial year.